Friday, April 14, 2006

full Hayley

When Hayley was younger I had no clue whether she was full after a meal or not. She didn’t cry when we finished, but then again she didn’t look really satisfied either. Now that as all changed. No when she is full and I try to give her something, she will shake her head. If I get it close to her mouth with a spoonful of food, she will bat my hand away, like a kitty batting at a ball. It would be cute if it didn’t cause a huge mess. However by far the most gross way she has of telling me she’s full is if I happen to get a bite in her mouth and she finds she doesn’t want to go through the trouble of chewing and/ or swallowing the mouthful, she will simple regurgitate it back up. It flows out of mouth like yucky food lava. Sometimes I forget the all important bib, and then her clothes are the ones that really pay. This photo definitely shows a happily full Hayley and I though it was perfect for this weeks Photofriday topic.


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