Friday, April 08, 2005

gas flower was doomed

gas flower Posted by Hello

“Did you ever have one of those days where you were convinced your computer or technology was against you? I’m having one today.”

This was actually the beginning of a much longer post in which I went into the history of my computer and internet awareness, but as to really stick it to me when I went to do a spelling check in between thoughts, I somehow lost the entire post! I guess it’s just as well, it probably was only interesting to me anyway. But still the entire post!? UGH.

I hate computers. Usually when I try to do something fun on them it just winds up being a big old source of frustration. Yesterday and today are perfect examples. It took me all day to get this blog to look the way I wanted. All I wanted to do was change a few colors, and font sizes really. I have made up web pages before, so I'm pretty good with HTML, but I clueless with CSS. I mean eventually it would be nice to have a more personal layout, but that is for another time, for now this will have to do.

Satisfied with the blog, last night I tried to enter the Photofriday contest. Something that was supposed to be fun and simple enough. This week topic (or actually last weeks topic was “hot”). Inspiration hit, last night while I was heating water to make Hayley’s formula and “gas flower” was born. Anyway, after tweaking it in Photoshop, I logged on to Angelfire, where I have paid account so I can specifically link to photos for contests such as these. (I used to be really into doing Buffy the Vampire blends and submitting to all these blend challenge sites.) But, when I went to the web shell everything was gone. All it had was the index page that was created that day! “What the …!?”, I thought. I had just accessed the page earlier in the day to post a “Hayley and me” photo to link to this blog, (before I figured out how to link to a photo uploaded on the blog itself), so I knew my account was still in good standing. “Maybe Angelfire is having problems”, I thought, and I’ll just try again tomorrow, after all I have until Sunday to participate in the challenge.

This morning it was the same problem. I won’t go into what I think the problem is, but I checked my account and all was good, it had me down as having a paid account and I check my credit card statement online to check that they had been paid recently, which they had. Here’s the most frustrating thing...Why can’t you call Lycos or Angelfire?! I looked for an over a half hour trying to find a friggin number for them on the website, but there is none. I even did a 1-800 search for a number with no luck, so I was forced to leave an email under their help section. Now I wait impatiently for someone to get back to me! In the meantime, I try to upload “gas flower"to this blog, thinking maybe I could use the link here to enter the contest. I try several times to post the photo through “Hello”. Hello keeps telling me that “gas flower” as been successfully uploaded, but yet I don’t see it on my blog and my blog doesn’t register that it has been updated today, even after reloading the page several times. “Well maybe the file is too big or something”, I thought. So I go to open Photoshop to alter the image size and it crashes on me several times as I try to open the program! Finally I give up and restart my entire computer. It’s the only thing I know to do when my computer is screwing with me. I open Photoshop, resized the image, then I try to figure out what is wrong with my “Hello” settings. Turns out it was linked to the wrong “Daily Hayley” blog. Somehow in my attempt to create this blog I created two versions of it. With my luck, I don’t dare attempt to delete the “wrong” version. Finally “gas flower” really is successfully uploaded to the blog! I go to the help section of blogger to see if I can link directly to images file without limit. I remember reading it somewhere what their policy was, but of course today I can’t find it anywhere. So screw it I just decided to take my chances and use the link on this blog to enter the photo Friday contest site...and well they’re on to a new topic now! I must have misunderstood the time period in which you can submit. They say its like from Friday to Sunday, but I assumed the meant a period of like 9 days not 2, because people seem to be submitting all this week. I should have been able to submit "gas flower" last night, if wasn’t for stupid Angelfire, or if I just would have tried it from this blog last night. But I was tired and I thought I had till Sunday, and I thought all would be well today. Boy was I wrong!.

Now I have headache and I'm in bad mood. And it was suppose to be for fun, something relaxing to do before I started the grind of the day. So much for that...


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